Pounding the pavement


I have this 5k coming up this Saturday and I have really not prepared for it. I have been sick the last few weeks and decided I better get out and pound the pavement. While I think my cardio endurance is fine, it’s my old knees and plantar fasciitis I am worried about flaring up. So I got out and got a ‘run’ in. I put it that way because I felt like it didn’t go that well, yet I averaged a 10:44 min. mile. Which is so much better than before. I used to average 12:00-12:30 min. mile. So I guess I am not in that bad of shape. This is promising. OR, Runkeeper is lying to me and I will fail miserably on Saturday. Either way, I plan to sweat and have fun! It is the Color Run after all. How can you not have fun?




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