What supplements do I take? Read on…


People have asked me about the supplements I take so I figured I would give you the scoop. Here we go…

Shakeology – I drink this everyday. It’s packed with protein, fruits, veggies, nutrients, vitamins, etc. In one word, life-changing! Plain/Simple!
Performance Formula – Supports overall recovery, boosts circulation and oxygenation and kicks up your metabolism.
Glutamate – It’s an amino acid which aids the body in production of HGH (think fountain of youth). It also helps with building muscle, brain power and helps boost your metabolism.
BCAA’s – Branch Chain Amino Acids – They aid in protein photosynthesis and help repair and recover muscles during times of stress and breakdown. I drink this during my workouts to begin the recovery process.
E&E – Energy & Endurance – This I drink prior to my longer more intense workouts or on days where I am just not feeling it. It gives me the pep and energy to make it through.
R&R – Results and Recovery – I drink this post-workout. But only after a really intense, long workout. It has carbs for glycogen replenishment, protein blend for rapid muscle resynthesis and vitamins to reduce muscle soreness.
Triple strength Fish Oil – Look for a fish oil that has a high content of EPA and DHA. This particular one from GNC has 900mg of EPA/DHA and a total of 1500mg. I take this post-workout to bolster my immune system while my body is busy recovering from a tough workout. Your body only has so many resources and if you are recovering from an intense workout your immune system is slightly weakened. So it is also smart to take Zinc and Vitamin C supplements.
CLA – Conjugated Linoleic Acid – This helps maintain lean muscle mass and supports healthy body composition.

This is actually a decent amount of supplements and they aren’t necessary to see results in your health and fitness goals. All you truly need is a balanced diet. These just give you an edge and help you see some results faster. Message me if you have any questions. Some of the supplements I offer through my website at www.beachbodycoach.com/KrysieWeil



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