Back in the saddle again

Well, I got back out on the bike for a ride. I knew I wanted to go at least 8 miles. I have to gradually get up to 14 for the tri. Yesterday’s ride was great and tough at times. There are some good hills out here in the country and I had to chug it out a few times. My knee is starting to bother me a bit so I may have to take it easy for a few days, so I may not have much to update with. I need to listen to my body and take it easy otherwise I will just really hurt myself. It pains me to say this, but it’s the responsible thing to do. I just have to say, I really hate being responsible sometimes and ‘making the right choices’. I just want to keep going and keep pushing, but that will only make things worse. So I suppose I will stop pouting and do the right thing.

Here is my ride from yesterday…

cycle 9.5

So not too bad. I will gradually increase my miles and hopefully improve my time. For now, I will rest for a couple days and let my knee heal. I hate that part, but I guess I will do it. *kicks rocks* I will post an update in a few days.


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