Triathlon Training Update

This weekend I got some training in for my upcoming tri. Saturday I got on the bike and headed out with a 10 mile ride in mind and I got 10.31 miles in 48:26 minutes. I am going to have to work on my time. The thing that limits me is I am on a hybrid bike and not a road bike. The husband said if I got a road bike I would probably average 14mph rather than the 11mph I am currently doing. I am not going to buy a road bike so I will just have to find other ways to get faster. This tri has a 14 mile ride and I know I will be able to do it, it’s just I don’t want to be the slowest person out there. I just keep telling myself the only important thing is to finish. After my ride on Saturday, I decided to jog for 1/2 mile after, just to see what it felt like running on spaghetti legs. Oh man! That was tough. I imagine I looked like a penguin trying to ruin from a shark. After a few minutes my legs weren’t so jelly anymore and I was able to get some good strides in, but that is going to be tough!

Sunday I went out for a run and I wanted to get to the 3 or 3.2 mile mark. I did 3.25 in 35:13. Again, timing is going to have to come down. Which I know it will. With more training, sprints, intervals and fartleks – I can shave some time off that.

I am still VERY nervous about the swim. I can do the 300m, I have already done it. I just have to work on my breathing and conditioning. I forgot just how tough swimming really is. It’s a FULL body workout. Not to mention you kinda feel like you are drowning or chugging down chlorinated water the entire time.

For now, I am happy with the results I am seeing and will just keep pushing forward! I will be posting more updates as I go. Thanks for tuning in. If you have any suggestions for improvements for any of the areas, click the Contact Me tab and write me! I would LOVE to hear from you.

bike:run may 5


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