Real Talk – I suck at push-ups


There, I said it. I’ll say it again. I suck at push-ups. Whew! Glad I got that off my chest. So I am sure you are asking yourself, well how can you be a BeachBody coach if you suck at push-ups? Fortunately, they don’t look at your physical aptitude or your athletic prowess to be a coach. They look at the passion inside your heart to help others. Now, if there was some way to measure that, then I could bench press a Buick! I mean, my desire to help others is so big it keeps me going everyday. So I guess there is always that. :shrugs:

Okay, so back to this push-up dilemma – I have kinda always had this weak upper body. Now, ask me to do Turbo Fire HIIT’s all day – got it. Ask me to do 200 squats – got it. Running, cycling – got it. But push-ups KILL me. So I usually do the girly ones and I am SO tired of doing girly push-ups, I mean they are like…well, for girls! Not that I am not a girl anymore because last I checked I cracked off two kids, nursed them and still make dinner every night. So yeah, I am still a chick (in the biological sense). But I don’t want to be classified that way. I want to be strong! I don’t want any more physical limitations on me just because my gender happens to be female. Ya know? Are y’all feeling me? I am probably not making sense. It’s okay, I usually don’t. So here’s the deal! I need help. Advice, tips, magic upper body voodoo – something. When it comes to the real deal push-ups I crash after like 3 or 4. So lame!

Ultimately I want to get Insanity certified and they not only do push-ups, but they do push-up jacks! I mean…..c’mon! DO you know how ridiculous I look doing a push-up jack? I am cringing at the mental image right now. You should too. :sigh: So, I am reaching out to all of you. I need your help! My husband suggested doing sets of girly push-ups until I can build up the strength to do the real ones. Tonight I did 3 sets of 15. Let me just tell you my arms hate me right now. Like they want to rip themselves off and go hang out on an 8th grader. But that’s okay, no pain, no gain, right?

Sadly, I can sympathize with Mr. T-Rex….I hate push-ups, too!

t rex push ups



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