11.4 miles on 2 wheels


So cycling is so much fun but my bottom feels bruised. Like my girly parts hurt! We were not built to sit in a saddle for long periods of time. I feel like I need to strap a phone book to my backside next time I go out for a ride. Well, that would be ridiculous, so I guess I will just use the tri shorts the husband bought me for mother’s day. I might stuff it a little more for extra cushion.


So I set out to get a little over 11 miles in and my goal was to do it in under 60 minutes. I actually did one loop of the triathlon race and added some more to it. There are some pretty brutal hills on this course and I am NOT looking forward to it. Perhaps I can hitch a ride on the back bumper of a passing car while I am going up the hill. I feel like I am going really slow in my granny gear that if a strong wind comes along I will just fall over.


I have to get up to 14 miles for race day and I know I can do it. I just hope I can do 14 miles in under 1:20:00. I am using a hybrid or comfort bike. So it’s more comfortable than a road bike but I have to work approximately 30% harder than the road bike guys. Well isn’t that peachy? I mean I am a mom so naturally everything I do is harder. Go figure!


If any of you out there have tips for training for this triathlon please click the contact me button and send me a message. Encouragement is also welcomed.

11.4 cycle






1 thought on “11.4 miles on 2 wheels

  1. Debi

    You can do it, I have all the faith in the world in you. Besides, you gave me to great nephews, so what more could I ask for. YOU GO GIRL!!!! Love you, Aunt Debi


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