Wild Ride! Wild Run! 2013

This past weekend my husband and I participated in the Wild Ride! Wild Run! Against Cancer that is hosted by Methodist Hospital. He decided to do the 16 mile bike ride and I did the 5k. It’s really a lot of fun having your spouse do races with you. I mean, obviously we weren’t doing the same event, but we were with each other in spirit.

We got up early that morning to drink our Shakeology, get ready and head over to Richardson at the Wildflower Festival where the event was held. There were lots of people participating which was very cool to see.

pre wild ride

His event started half an hour before mine, so I got to take a few pictures with him before he took off. I was so happy to cheer him on to the starting line. off he goes

Once he got off, I met with some other mom friends that were running and chatted with them until it was time to run. I was totally ready. I drank tons of water the day before. Stretched. Ate near perfection the last week. I was ready. Or so I thought! I have never run uphill in the wind, well, until now. Oh man! I got off to a slow start and that was fine. I have a problem coming out of the gate too fast and dying off towards the end. So at first I thought that maybe I just settled down in my ‘groove’ and could just truck it home.

It was actually a cool, scenic course. It went through this park, forest-y type area and was really nice. The first mile or so up on the streets was kinda brutal because it was HOT! But once we hit the trees it was so much cooler and there was a breeze, oh and a gatorade station…yeah! I felt like a million bucks running down there. Then, you emerge from the forest and it was uphill, into the wind and 80 degrees. NOT kidding! I totally bonked. I looked down at my heart rate monitor and it was 180! I couldn’t believe how spent I was. I had to stop and walk to get my heart rate under control. I wasn’t going to last at 180 for long. I took a small walk break up the incline and as soon as it leveled off I started jogging again and finished around the 37 minute mark. I wasn’t impressed with myself but everyone has off days and Hey! at least I finished. So there is that.

Actually Andrew and I wrapped up at the same time. Once I came through the finish line, he was circling back from the finish. It was a fun day and a great race supporting a great cause and we enjoyed ourselves. Hopefully the next race I run is all downhill and 60 degrees out. Ha.

We are planning on doing the Collin County Classic in June. It’s a 16 mile bike ride. I am now training for that and mentally prepping myself for that a$$ whoopin’!


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