Insanity Fit Test – 2 week results

On May 13th my Insanity Challenge Group kicked off with a bang. I had made it through the first two weeks of Insanity before, but I had to stop due to some health issues that had to get straightened out. This time I am ready and excited for some ‘Insane’ results.

I love that the program is set up with a Fit Test to measure how you improve every two weeks. I think it’s a great barometer of fitness success. All too often our barometer is the scale and that is just an awful way to measure ourselves. Yes, weight is important to measure but we tend obsess over that number on the scale and I tell my challengers that I want to throw out their scales. Seeing as how I can’t do that, I recommend they only weigh in on Monday morning. I measure my success by how I feel when I am not working out, how my clothes fit and my mood. That is where true success shows up.

Okay, for the Fit Test results – I am going to post my Day 1 Fit Test results with my Day 14 Fit Test results next to them. In every area, I improved. In some areas it was only by 1 rep, but hey…it’s a step in the right direction.

Fit Test Results:

Day 1/Day 14:

Switch Kicks: 85/95 (10 more switch kicks in 2 weeks!)
Power Jacks: 53/60 (yay!)
Power Knees: 90/91 (starting to slow down)
Power Jumps: 30/31 (seeing a pattern here)
Globe Jumps: 6/9 (catching my second wind)
Suicide Jumps: 15/16 (and crashing again)
Push-Up Jacks: 15/20 (UGH! I SUCK at push-ups)
Low Plank Oblique: 50/60 (not too terrible!)

See, so not like a huge improvement in every area, but an improvement. My goal was to do at least one better than the first time. That’s all you have to do – is get better. Every time. Keep pushing!

Now, obviously I am not what one would consider Super Fit, but I am just someone who is pushing myself to be better than the person I was yesterday. How are you getting better than you were yesterday?


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