New best on the bike

The husband and I are biking in the Collin Co. Classic on June 8th and I have got to get the miles up. That particular race is 16 miles, so I needed to get some seat time in. I am relatively pleased with my overall time. I need to find ways to shave some time off. I am hoping to get 16 miles in under 1:20:00. It’s tough to be really fast on a hybrid bike since I am basically like a moving wall, sitting straight up. I think if I get more serious about the bike I can sweet talk the hubby into buying me a road bike. For now I will stick the the hybrid and work on my power output. I think that is the only place I can really improve right now. If anyone has any tips, please feel free to pass them along! I will take them.

Oh, totally random but very pleasing to me is the tri shorts the husband bought me for Mother’s Day. Yes, we are the couple that buys each other those kinds of gifts. He got me some Pearl Izumi tri shorts and the padding in them is fairly minimal but my rear end is singing their praises. I don’t feel nearly as sore as I do after spending an hour in the saddle. I might invest in some actual bib shorts for training purposes to keep the ass soreness at bay.

Sometime this week I plan on getting in a 14.5 mile ride and 15+ miler next week prior to the classic. I will update everyone when I get it done. Thanks for checking in.

13.9 ride


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