Get outside your comfort zone

God gave me this vision last night while I was going to bed and I need to share it with you. Do you remember when you were in gym class as a young child and they had the rope you could climb? I vaguely remember this thing. Thinking about it now and being a parent, it total freaks me out! I mean, we didn’t have any harnesses when we climbed this thing or a soft surface to fall on if we fell off. I mean, if you lost your grip you are going ‘splat’ on the hard gym floor. How was this a good idea and considered safe? I digress.

Tullar School gym class 1968.

Anyway, what He showed me is in order to get to the top of the rope it took every bit of effort you could give. You could get 1/3 of the way up with relative ease, the next 1/3 was a bit more challenging as your muscles would start to fatigue. Then to finish and reach the top it not only took every bit of physical strength, but mental strength as well. If your mind wasn’t right, you weren’t getting to the top and you were going to give up (and hopefully not go splat!). He showed me that many things in life are this way, that in order to reach the finish line, complete certain tasks, or experience TRUE growth – we MUST step outside our comfort zones.

Are you wondering why you haven’t seen growth in a certain area? Do you feel like you have been splashing around the kiddie pool for a while? I think God is waiting for you to step outside your comfort zone and get to a place where He can really stretch you and use you! We have to be obedient and do what we can do and He will be faithful and do what only He can do!

I know you are probably saying, “you don’t know what I are going through”, and you are right – I don’t! But what I do know is that when we get uncomfortable that is when He does His most amazing work! Honestly, I am really typing this up for me with the hopes that maybe I can encourage someone else.

So, how can I pray for you today? How can I encourage you today?


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