Practice what you preach….a lesson for myself

I tell my challengers constantly ‘Throw the scale away!’ ‘Stop using the scale as a barometer of your success.’ I was in a particularly funky mood the other morning and I was feeling as though I hadn’t made that many changes and since the scale hadn’t moved in MONTHS, I was even more funky, and mad, and wanted to kick rocks. So I took a decided, rather than looking at the scale, I would take a photograph of myself and compare it to my ‘before’ image I took when I began my fitness journey. Let me just say when I compared the two side by side by jaw fell open. Like mouth completely wide open. In shock! Allow me to share with you…

before and after

So I definitely need to practice what I preach when I tell my challengers to STOP using the scale as your only barometer of success. Big changes have been made. Huge. I was working hard and I needed to stop doubting myself because my scale wasn’t agreeing with me that day. For the record in the before photo I was 40 lbs. heavier and I have lost 46 inches since then. I knew changes had been made, but I was feeling discouraged, ya know. You get to a point when it all starts looking the same.

So where ever you are in your life, fitness journey, work, etc…..keep pushing! Fight past the barriers telling you to quit. Crash through the quitting points. You CAN do it! Don’t listen to the haters and naysayers. They just want what you got and aren’t willing to work for it. Keep moving. Keep fighting! You have come to far to stop now.


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