2 + 2 = what?

So have you ever studied something for so long you start to go cross-eyed? I am almost there. This group fitness certification is intense. There is lots of info to cover. I am enjoying learning about all the anatomy and kinesiology. Next week we start nutrition and I am super excited about that. Nutrition is something that excites and interests me.

Part of our studies is Math Review and I was looking at it last night and just thinking to myself – “Man, I forgot how hard 3rd grade math was!” My husband who is an electrical engineer, uses math everyday is going to have to help me. Math was never my strong suit. I did fairly well in science. So if anyone has tips on how to do long division, shoot me a message. 😉

Each week we have to do a class evaluation on a group fitness class. This week I chose Zumba Jam. I have NEVER done Zumba and I think I have rhythm. It may turn out that I don’t and this might be painful to watch. Sometimes I hate those mirrors in the group fitness classrooms. Ugh! They remind you of how bad your form actually is.

Time to study….again.
ace study


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