Well there goes life again…

Here I was, minding my own business and then life comes up and smacks me in the face. Rude. So now that we have officially relocated to San Diego, we are still in ‘temporary housing’. Fancy wording for ‘furnished apartment’. It’s nice….enough. So as it states (temporary) it means we have to start looking for (permanent) housing. The last four days I have gone house hunting. With the kids. What is wrong with me? Actually, if we are being perfectly honest here….they weren’t that bad. But shh! Don’t tell them that. They might hear you! So, I think we have found ‘our’ house, but I don’t want to jinx it, so pretend you didn’t hear that.

Despite how packed my schedule is, I still find time to eat good and workout. My current obsessions that get through this crazy time are; T25, Shakeology, Water and quick showers. Personal hygiene is a must! I am so thankful ShaunT came out with a fitness program that only takes up 25 minutes of your day. If you can’t find 25 minutes to workout the truth is you are just lazy. Everyone can sacrifice 25 minutes. And if I just offended you by that comment, that confirms you are lazy and you are convicted. So let’s just stop getting mad and start getting fit, okay? Shakeology has to be the easiest, tastiest, on-the-go, fast food and it’s the HEALTHIEST meal of the day! Drinking Shakeology actually saves me money. I would normally have to get something fast food wise and would spend probably $6.00-$8.00 (on average). One serving of Shakeology is $4.00. BOOM! Healthy and cost effective. Double threat! I win.

If you are ready to get rid of all your lame excuses and get in the BEST shape of your life message me at krysie99gt@gmail.com or click the “Contact Me” tab up top. It’s time to stop being offended on the couch and get in the game. I have a challenge group starting October 21st. Go ahead…take the challenge, I dare ya! 😉

This post was brought to you by….
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Your funny for the day….(you are welcome!)

mystery meat tacos



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