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The MUTHA of alllllll p90X workouts. P90X3 has launched and it’s (one word) AH-MAZING! What do you need to know, right now? 16 NEW workouts, 30 minutes long (what?!) and you will get absolutely shredded Tony Horton style in 90 days. WHOA! I think my brain just exploded.


P90X was BeachBody’s most famous workout and we all know that things are better when they come in 3’s! Do you know how many people have gotten completely transformed using P90X or P90X2?! Thousands, seriously!


You may be asking yourself, do I have to be a graduate of P90X or P90X2 to start P90X3? The answer is NO! P90X3 has a modifier that you can follow until you are ready to kick it up a notch. How freakin’ cool is that? It’s ready for ALL fitness levels, ALL body types! So let’s get a jump on your New Years Resolution and get FIT with the help of Tony Horton and P90X3!



To order, go here… or message me via the “Contact Me” link and I will answer ALL of your questions.


#teamtitus has a Challenge Group beginning January 13th. Let’s get you in on that and get you well on your way to the fittest you have EVER been!



990x3 workouts

^Check out all those awesome NEW workouts!



^Check out those KILLER results….WHA?!
p90x3 1











Say it with me….”Hell yes!”



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