Finalizing those New Years Resolutions yet?




gym december and january

It’s funny how a simple change of the calendar from December 31st to January 1st makes us start thinking about things we want to accomplish and goals we must achieve. Did you know that fitness and getting healthy is almost always the #1 item on the resolution list? Amazing, right? Yet, so many people don’t actually achieve it. They give up too quickly and yet being healthy or starting a healthy lifestyle is the top priority on January 1.





So what happens? Well most folks don’t have the right support system to keep them going. Most people are only somewhat intrinsically motivated by exercise. If you don’t have the proper support system, chances are you won’t succeed. Some will. Most won’t.


If I could offer you a solution that will change that, would you be interested? Not only could I provide you with a comprehensive fitness solution, a customized meal plan, but I could also give you the support you needed to be successful. Would you take it? Would you utilize it? Would you share it with others? You should! #teamtitus can help.



What is #teamtitus? We are a movement. We are earth shakers. Trend setters. Motivators. We are here to put our mark on the world and leave a legacy to others. #teamtitus is a movement created for the purpose of motivating, empowering and encouraging others to change their lives and take control of their health. We equip individuals with the tools needed to start a health way of life and work to end the trend of obesity.


That’s what we are about! So, instead of putting ‘get fit’ or ‘lose 20 lbs’ on a piece of paper entitled “New Years Resolutions – 2014″…how about you actually DO IT. Instead of writing about it, dreaming about. Let’s put some skin in the game and get REAL! Who is ready?













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