If you believe it, you can achieve it…

A lot has happened over the last 6-7 months. Some things I have updated here and a few I haven’t. Just to give you a brief synopsis, I will post some quick points below…

      • Husband laid off (this was a huge blessing in disguise)
      • Finished Lifetime Academy (by the skin of my teeth)
      • Husband got a new job 1700 miles away in Sunny California (I live in a vacation city)
      • Packed up our house and put on market and sold it in 8 days (yeah!)
      • Lost my Grandfather (Read here)
      • Moved across country with 2 tiny people in tow (adventure of 2013)
      • Purchased a new home in CA (awesome and stressful)

There are a few more things that happened in that time frame but for the sake of time and my sanity we will just go with the basics. Trust me when I tell you that it seems like if there were a bump in the road for us to hit, we would crash into like a freight train going 100mph. Maybe I’m exaggerating. A tiny bit. Teeeennny tiny bit. It was STRESS-ful! But here’s the deal, we made it through ALL of that. Yeah, all of it. I have to say that we are stronger because of it. 🙂

As most of you remember, I embarked on a journey last year towards getting my certification in Group Fitness. There was LOTS and LOTS of studying going on.

It is with great pride and relief that I announce that I DID IT! I finished. I passed my certification course (certificate is in the mail!) and I have crossed that off my 2013 to-do list. It feels really good to say that. I accomplished something. Something big! That exam was NO JOKE! Many late nights staying up reading, cramming and working have paid off.

So, now what? Well, good question. The sky is the limit. I am thinking about finding a local gym and getting on so I can teach some classes. I am ready to help people realize their potential and get FIT and have FUN while doing it.

Part of me is sad that my Grandfather isn’t here to hug me in this time of great joy. But I know he is in heaven and saying “I’m proud of you darlin’!”

Watch out world. Funnyandfit has a license to kill fat and she is ready to use it. 😉


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