Do you fear change?

I don’t fear change. Not anymore. I used to. In fact, I hated it. I mean that’s why sweat pants are so popular because WE LOVE COMFORT, am I right? I can’t tell you how many pairs of sweat pants I own. I enjoyed comfort. I lived there. I collected my mail there. I raised kids there. Then at some point, I got uncomfortable with being comfortable. Maybe it was when I was fluffier than usual and had a hard time walking to the mailbox. Maybe it was when the most exciting thing of my day was dreaming about what to make for lunch or maybe it was when I stayed at home all day hanging out with my boys rocking a messy bun, PJ’s ALL day and no makeup. I can’t say exactly when it was, but somewhere in there I became uncomfortable in my zip code of comfort. 

I made a choice. I made a choice to make change. The first choice was “lose weight”! That’s what I told myself. And I did. Then I decided, I had to help others feel the way I felt. Then I decided I couldn’t just help others lose weight, I needed to help others FIND themselves again. Not just drop 10-15 lbs. I wanted people to understand their true potential and unlock it. Then I want them to share it with the world. 

See, change used to be a four letter word in my head. Not anymore. I seek it out. I chase it. I challenge my old habits to make them new, different, changed. Over the last year I have gone through more change than I care to even verbally recall. Some of it wasn’t self initiated. Most of it was God’s doing. I was simply ‘along for the ride’. And boy was it a RIDE! 

But here I sit, different then I was just 12 months ago. I am on a journey of self discovery, lost 45+lbs, embarked on a big scary goal and achieved it by becoming a certified group fitness instructor, and moved across the county. So I went from being just another stay at home mom – wiping the crust out of my eyes, to waking up with a passion and purpose that burns deep inside my belly to encourage, motivate and demand others to be their best. 

So what am I? I am a Lover of Christ, a mother, a wife, a fitness coach, and friend to all who need help changing. Is that you? Are you ready to change? I am not talking about JUST losing weight? Are you ready to unlock that potential that is hidden within you and unleash it on the world? I am ready to help you. I am ready for you to change. 







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