The 21 Day Fix

Beachbody is launching it’s newest program called The 21 Day Fix. This program is going to revolutionize the way we approach fitness and nutrition. I seriously CAN’T wait to get my hands on this program. Why? You ask. Well I will tell you.

This program was created by Autumn Calabrese. She is a fitness trainer and bikini competitor. She was trying to come up with a solution to help her clients and couldn’t figure out why they were working so hard, yet not achieving the results they wanted. After a lunch date with a client, it was clear that portion control was the issue.

With the help of a nutritionist, she created The 21 Day Fix. This is a 3 week program with a comprehensive meal plan and a huge emphasis on portion control. The amazing thing about this program is that it comes with these cool color coded containers, that take ALL the guesswork out of portion size.

21 day fix stuff

The meal plan is extremely easy to follow with a list of approved foods and as long as the particular food group fits inside your container, you can eat it. No counting calories, tracking points, writing out what you eat for the day. It’s as simple as filling a container, eating it and moving on with your day. Did I mention coffee, wine and chocolate are allowed on The 21 Day Fix? Say what? Yes, Simple Nutrition.

For the entire 3 weeks you workout EVERYDAY. I know what you are saying now… “You mean I have to work out everyday?” Followed by a sigh of disgust. Yes, but here’s the catch – the workouts are ONLY 30 minutes long. They are all different as well. There is cardio, cardio with weights, yoga and even one called “The Dirty Thirty”. <–This intrigues me. What we are finding out is that the first 30 minutes of your workout are the most effective and when you see the most results. So why not get it in and done in half an hour?! I mean seriously! It doesn’t get much easier.

So, let’s talk results. I mean what program could really deliver significant results in just 3 weeks. Well, let’s see…

21-day-fix-results...THIS PROGRAM CAN! (Some participants completed multiple rounds to achieve their results)

I mean are you kidding me? Check out those amazing results. This program is LIFE CHANGING! It takes all the work out of it for you. You just simply have to “Show up” and get your results.

So who is ready to FIX their fitness and nutrition?! For more info email us at or simply fill out the form under the “Contact Us” tab and a member of #teamtitus will get back to you right away.

The 21 Day Fix drops on February 3rd and we are hosting a Test Group on February 10th. Are you wanting to get shredded in just 21 days? Message us. We can help!

Have a FIT day!


2 thoughts on “The 21 Day Fix

    1. Post author

      Hey Jessica,

      Thanks for your question. You can actually repeat rounds back to back. You will just need to recalculate your calories to adjust for the calorie deficit. I hope that helps! I am going to reach out to via email as well if that is ok! 🙂


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