Relevant – From the desk of Amanda G.

no negative self talkI always want to stay relevant. As I turn the page on my age year after year, I remember how cool I once was. Or I thought I was. I still feel 16, riding in a car full of my friends driven by one of our responsible friends; Windows down, blowing hot air through my long, artificially curly hair. We had worries and cares, but they aren’t the same worries and cares I have now. Back then, we worried about how our hair looked blowing in that hot wind and if our makeup had smeared from laughing so hard we were crying. Would boys still think we were cute? Oh to be young again. I would kill to get that body back. But even before my precious baby – now 11- destroyed my figure, I always thought I was fat. I have never had a good mental picture of myself, unfortunately. I don’t remember where I learned I was fat either. I do remember the day I learned I weighed more than my friends in the 5th grade. During recess, a few of us were standing on top of the fort that had the winding slide and the firefighter pole. For some reason, weight was the topic of our conversation. I remember all of my friends throwing out figures like 75, 60 and even 90. Then, I stood there mortified remembering that the last time I went to the doctor, I weighed 100 lbs. Was I fat? No, I wasn’t. I had a little bit of a belly and I was sturdy, but I had skinny legs and skinny arms and ate like a bird. My mom would fight me every night to just “eat one more bite.” I was never hungry and I played outside like every other latchkey kid from dawn until dusk. I was one of the only girls who could shimmy up to the top of that rope in gym and could do more than 10 pull ups in a row. I could run around the school campus without breathing heavy and played any and every sport with a bunch of boys while all the other girls blocked their faces from being hit with the ball.  So why was my body so much different from my friends? I’ll never forget that day. From that day on, I’ve always compared my body, my weight, and my looks to someone else. What a terrible way to live.

Not anymore. I am breaking the cycle and I am urging you to do the same.  I hope this message is relevant to you. I pray I am always relevant. That through me, someone else will be inspired and challenged to give life their best shot. I hope this message gives you peace and comfort to know you’re not alone as you too are trying to break the cycle of negative thinking. God says, we were bought at a price, and that cost was Jesus. He thinks we’re pretty great! He thinks we’re beautiful inside and out. So, let’s honor Him with our bodies and our thoughts. Let’s end the negative thinking and start working towards health together. Together in Trust = Unified Success. Who do you know that might need your encouraging words?


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