Hit the “Restart” Button

On my almost two year fitness journey there have been countless days – thousands I am sure where I just didn’t want to work out, didn’t put much thought into my diet, got lazy, even stopped caring. Yikes! What a semi-scary place to be in for a fitness coach, right? Actually, it’s not. Because I have found out that people aren’t relying on me to be perfect. They don’t need me to workout everyday. They don’t connect with me if I am eating perfect 24/7. You know what they do connect with? The struggle.

Everyday presents itself with it’s own set of challenges. Especially as a stay at home mom of 2 young boys. :sheesh: Trying to ensure that they have a busy day, learn something new, eat (somewhat) healthy and have fun is a FULL-TIME job. So how could I possibly have time to workout? Plan meals? Eat healthy? You know what?! I DON’T have the time. But I do MAKE the time…most days! 

My health is a priority to me so I can be a good wife, mother, friend, business owner and person. If I am not taking care of myself, then I am worthless. So my health must be important. I can tell you that most days I am not ‘feelin’ it’. And that is OKAY!  You see with each days challenges we are also given something else that is so beautiful and profound. What is it? A clean slate. It’s like someone “Hit the “Restart” Button.” We have a new fresh day to start anew and forget what mistakes we made the day before and instead focus on getting better, being better, living better, loving better and growing better.

So despite how many times I have phoned it in on my nutrition, or slacked through a day without a workout; I know that tomorrow is coming and I can start over. I don’t need a Monday, I don’t need a New Year, I just need tomorrow and so do you!

Have a FIT day.

Time to Hit your “Restart” Button.

restart button


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