Get FIRED up this May

I can hardly sit still as I type this. Many of you have read my story and know my fitness journey. The thing that started all of this crazy success was a little workout program called “Turbo Fire”. This program helped me lose 45 lbs, get my confidence back and allowed me to ‘have fun’ while working out. I never knew you could even have that much fun working out.

My results are here…

before and after

My love for this format has grown to a possibly unhealthy obsession but I don’t care. I became certified to teach the gym format – Turbo Kick earlier this year and my love for it only continues to grow. So I am so excited to announce that for the month of May – Turbo Fire is on SALE! The same challenge pack that I paid $205.00 for almost 2 years ago, is on SALE for $140.00! Say what? I can’t believe it either.

I am hosting a Get FIRED up for Summer w/Turbo Fire Challenge Group beginning May 19th. I am looking for people who are ready to commit to their health, make changes, be led by someone who saw great success with the program and get their summer body ready!

If this is you please connect with me at OR find me on Facebook. I will be happy to get you all the details.

It’s time to get FIRED up and get ready for summer. Who’s ready?

turbo fire sale


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