Krysie’s Story

I have never had to write ‘My Story’ before so I really don’t even know where to begin. Growing up I was always passionate about health and fitness. I love to run, hike and be outdoors. I played softball, volleyball, and ran track. I love to camp and do anything that allows me to soak up some Vitamin D.

About four years ago I became pregnant with my first son. It was a time of change that I wasn’t quite prepared for. My body changed, my world was turned upside down and things were, well….different. After having my second son, my body was for lack of better words a hot mess. Due to hormonal issues, being very sick during my last pregnancy and just putting on too much weight in general, I was left overweight, lethargic and having ZERO self-confidence.

In the summer of 2010, a friend approached me about the BeachBody® challenge. She informed me that she lost 60 lbs. of her baby weight doing Turbo Fire® and drinking Shakeology®. My first thought, was that can’t be right. But I desperately wanted it. Being at least 40 lbs. over weight at that time my heart was heavy. I was tired. I was tired of being tired. I was tired of getting out of breath walking to the mailbox. This wasn’t who I wanted to be! I felt trapped inside myself. So, I summoned all my strength (which at the time wasn’t much) and decided to accept her challenge.

In the beginning, it was tough. REALLY tough. Somedays I cussed at the TV while working out. Somedays I didn’t work out. I found many days not wanting to push play, not wanting to drink my shakes, making excuses, etc. After 30 days in, I hadn’t seen the results I wanted. My husband gave me a little tough love and helped me get my head in the game. He told me, “You have to be real with yourself! Be honest.” It’s so true. Who was I trying to kid? I was only letting myself down. Then it clicked. Something inside my head changed. In order for me to see REAL results I needed to get some skin in the game and be real. I started tracking all my calories, watching everything I was eating, tripled my water intake, pushed play and guess what? I started seeing results. With the help of Shakeology® and TurboFire® I lost 45 lbs. and over 35 in. and I am still going! My story isn’t over. My dreams have only begun. Yours can too!

Somewhere along the way I decided I needed to help others. I didn’t just want to, I needed to. Obesity is an epidemic in our country and I want to help turn the tables.  I want to change lives and make a difference. I know there are other people out there that feel the same way I did. I want to reach those people and tell them, it’s going to be ok and I can help. That’s my ‘why’. Now, how can I help you?



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