Amanda’s Story

I have been overweight almost all of my adulthood. I never had a positive image of myself when I looked in the mirror. About 7 years ago, I lost almost 50 pounds counting every calorie and working out like a crazy person. But I lost all the weight it in less than 5 months. I dropped the pounds too quickly and without establishing the correct healthy habits to keep it off for good. I started a new job, and the weight just piled back on. I ate out every day for lunch and lost motivation to work out.

In June 2013, I decided to make a forever change in my life. After about 6 months of communicating with a good friend who was a Beachbody coach and made healthy changes in her life with great success, I finally committed to doing one of her 90-day challenges. I purchased Turbo Fire, finished the 90 days and lost about 15 pounds. I know that’s not a lot of weight in 90-days, but I knew from my past I wanted to do this a lot slower and make it last a lot longer… forever. So, since June I have been on and off the bandwagon more times than I care to admit, kept the 15 pounds off and fallen in love with myself again. I have found courage and empowerment to keep pushing forward no matter how slow the process has been. I am now working my way through “Focus T25” and feel stronger than ever before! I have a goal of losing 30 more pounds, and I know I will succeed because I have a group of people supporting me every step of the way. Through #TeamTitus, our challenge group, I have found people who love me for me, push me to do more than what I think I can physically or mentally handle, who don’t judge me when I’ve fallen off the horse for the tenth time, and who will always encourage and motivate me to keep striving to be better every single day. I have BIG goals for 2014 and I am so proud of our team and where we’ve come together. I cannot wait to see what happens!



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