“Hi Krysie, I have to brag on my husband. He has had P90X for several months. He got “serious” about P90X and shakeology for the past month but wasn’t doing the fat shredder food plan. Last week he added the plan and only lost a couple pounds BUT I notice it in inches. He is 52 and looks great, feels great and has LOTS of energy. Hopefully will be an inspiration to the girls. I’ll let you know. Thanks for introducing us to this program. God bless.”Ramona H.

Testimonials for Shakeology:

“Shakeology has been the biggest game changer for me. It is the healthiest choice for a meal that I can make and with the little preparation time that I have it is super simple and convenient. I have never felt so energized. Even if I skip drinking a shake for 1 day I am definitely feeling it mid day. I am extremely caffeine sensitive and am unable to have more than 2 sips of coffee lol. This gives me that extra push at night time to bathe the little one after getting home as late as 8 sometimes, not to mention there’s still energy for T25.  Whatever magic it has inside will also have you craving healthier foods and less cravings for the bad stuff. Oh and did I mention that it is delicious”.Julia T.

“It does fill me up and takes care of some cravings. Sometimes it does give me energy too!”Lisa J.

“My favorite part of Shakeology is of course the yummy taste! I love mixing up the recipes and trying various flavors. I also feel full after so it’s great for school since I have limited time to eat during the day.”Amanda Y.

“I don’t crave junk food, and it gives me energy. And of course it tastes sooooo good.”Stephanie P.


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