Get FIRED up this May

I can hardly sit still as I type this. Many of you have read my story and know my fitness journey. The thing that started all of this crazy success was a little workout program called “Turbo Fire”. This program helped me lose 45 lbs, get my confidence back and allowed me to ‘have fun’ while working out. I never knew you could even have that much fun working out.

My results are here…

before and after

My love for this format has grown to a possibly unhealthy obsession but I don’t care. I became certified to teach the gym format – Turbo Kick earlier this year and my love for it only continues to grow. So I am so excited to announce that for the month of May – Turbo Fire is on SALE! The same challenge pack that I paid $205.00 for almost 2 years ago, is on SALE for $140.00! Say what? I can’t believe it either.

I am hosting a Get FIRED up for Summer w/Turbo Fire Challenge Group beginning May 19th. I am looking for people who are ready to commit to their health, make changes, be led by someone who saw great success with the program and get their summer body ready!

If this is you please connect with me at OR find me on Facebook. I will be happy to get you all the details.

It’s time to get FIRED up and get ready for summer. Who’s ready?

turbo fire sale


Hit the “Restart” Button

On my almost two year fitness journey there have been countless days – thousands I am sure where I just didn’t want to work out, didn’t put much thought into my diet, got lazy, even stopped caring. Yikes! What a semi-scary place to be in for a fitness coach, right? Actually, it’s not. Because I have found out that people aren’t relying on me to be perfect. They don’t need me to workout everyday. They don’t connect with me if I am eating perfect 24/7. You know what they do connect with? The struggle.

Everyday presents itself with it’s own set of challenges. Especially as a stay at home mom of 2 young boys. :sheesh: Trying to ensure that they have a busy day, learn something new, eat (somewhat) healthy and have fun is a FULL-TIME job. So how could I possibly have time to workout? Plan meals? Eat healthy? You know what?! I DON’T have the time. But I do MAKE the time…most days! 

My health is a priority to me so I can be a good wife, mother, friend, business owner and person. If I am not taking care of myself, then I am worthless. So my health must be important. I can tell you that most days I am not ‘feelin’ it’. And that is OKAY!  You see with each days challenges we are also given something else that is so beautiful and profound. What is it? A clean slate. It’s like someone “Hit the “Restart” Button.” We have a new fresh day to start anew and forget what mistakes we made the day before and instead focus on getting better, being better, living better, loving better and growing better.

So despite how many times I have phoned it in on my nutrition, or slacked through a day without a workout; I know that tomorrow is coming and I can start over. I don’t need a Monday, I don’t need a New Year, I just need tomorrow and so do you!

Have a FIT day.

Time to Hit your “Restart” Button.

restart button

5 Ways to Become a Better YOU!

1.)  READ a personal development book every month.

2.)  Put a DEADLINE on your dreams. Take the word “someday” out of your vocabulary.

3.)  Give yourself the opportunity to fail. Then, DON’T.

4.)  TAKE your own advice.

5.)  BE where you are. If you are having dinner with your family, turn off your phone and enjoy them.



#TeamTitus and the 21 Day Fix Results…

I keep thinking I will keep this thing updated with awesome posts, results, shout-outs, etc. But life comes up and slaps me right between the eyes and I get caught “off-guard”.

#TeamTitus started a test group for the 21 Day Fix program and we have been seeing some crazy results. This program really does what it says it will and delivers on the results.

One of my coaches saw some great progress in her journey. She lost 4 lbs and 6.25 inches in JUST 21 days! Here are her results…

stephanies results


My results were pretty amazing too and I am excited to share them. Right before we started the Fix, I had a ‘treat meal’ and had a cupcake. I have found out through this process that my body doesn’t like gluten. I got super bloated and felt terrible. So my before photo, I look terrible honestly. I was actually in pain during this picture. My body was so upset at my treat that I had indulged in. It’s almost not even worth it to me to have stuff like that anymore.

Here are my results…

21 day fix results

As you can see I lost 8.2 lbs and 6.25 inches. This program taught me so much about how to fuel my body and made me stronger. I am continuing on with another ’round’ of the Fix and we will reevaluate where we are at that point. I may look into maintanence mode at that point.

I can’t say enough amazing things about this program and what it has done. If you have any questions about the 21 Day Fix find me on Facebook at 

I would love to connect with you and answer any questions you have.

Have a FIT day!

#teamtitus helps #fixamerica

It’s HERE! The 21 Day Fix has officially launched and it’s arriving in homes across America. This thing sold like CRAZY. It sold so well that we are COMPLETELY sold out. Anything that even has “21 Day Fix” written on it, is on backorder. People are clamoring to get their hands on this revolutionary program. In case you have been hiding under a rock and don’t have a clue what I am talking about you can catch up here.

The #teamtitus Exclusive 21 Day Fix Test Group begins February 17th and the participants are ready. We have 17 people in our February group and another 6 on the wait list for the March group.

If you are ready to make some changes and need something that is simple to follow, message us and we can help. Just check out some of the amazing transformations this program is responsible for.


Simple Fitness. Simple Eating. Get Results.


Are you ready? Message us for more details at or hit the Contact Us at the top. A #teamtitus coach will be in touch.


Have a FIT day!